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Kat in the box

intro Hello world! (Just your everday kat in the box here)

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My username is a play on jack in the box with cat.  (originally popped up as a jester or clown) Nowadays it's a bunch of different critters. My two favourite things in the world. Cats and clowns!

True story: My dream occupation is to become a child's birthday party clown.

Hasn't happened yet because I haven't done the necessary things needed for it.

Although I think personally. I would look amazing as a clown (beep beep) nose honk!


Hobbies I enjoy:


Digital media



Video Games (casually)

Manga (used to)

Also note: I was referred to here by the ever lovely @ Vikki

thanks so much for inviting me!

Glad to meet you all!


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