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  1. Eyyyyyy i joined like ages ago but never got around to posting. Hi. I'm Daeun or Olivia, and im 22. I like a lot of stuff xcept for spiders and mushrooms. ew. I like to sleep, and i also like to unintentionally ghost, so if i disappear for ages that's probably why. It's nice to meet you all! Also i have a hamster so stan her.
  2. My username is a play on jack in the box with cat. (originally popped up as a jester or clown) Nowadays it's a bunch of different critters. My two favourite things in the world. Cats and clowns! True story: My dream occupation is to become a child's birthday party clown. Hasn't happened yet because I haven't done the necessary things needed for it. Although I think personally. I would look amazing as a clown (beep beep) nose honk! Hobbies I enjoy: Digital media Anime Music Video Games (casually) Manga (used to) Also note: I was referred to here by the ever lovely @ Vikki thanks so much for inviting me! Glad to meet you all!
  3. Ayyyy Pretty sure I'm the first user here! I just watched a livestream so my brain is screaming at me to say pog, but I'm doing my best to keep it back..... Anyways I'm Maru or Maria or Berries or whatever you wish to call me, I don't particularly mind either way. I hope this forum takes off, it looks srsly cool!

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