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Lux Invicta is currently in beta stage. Much of what you see may not be final. Many official threads may be incomplete/unfinished, please be patient as we continue to work on everything. Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! ×

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Found 6 results

  1. I know there's not many of us here yet but I'll start this thread anyway! How'd you find Lux Invicta? Through a friend? A link? I'm curious!
  2. I'm not a gamer, but I like Minecraft, though I don't play much anymore.
  3. that we're finally letting people join. I'm sweating. please love us.
  4. I last read "6 Hangings in the Land of Unkillable Women". Can't say I cared much for it though to be honest.
  5. I figured that it might be good to meet everyone and learn who they're interested in music wise. Personally I'm into kpop and I stan BAP, Shinee, and SuperM and casually like some other groups. I like Theory of a Deadman the most when it comes to western music.
  6. There, we active again.

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