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  1. How to Create A Great Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed but... I'm still reading it :')
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  4. To be very honest, I have written this “About Us” paragraph about 13 times now, but I sincerely hated the formal attitude that came off those attempts and I realized that I wanted to introduce this place more casually and without this overly professional attitude, so I’m going to write the exact origin story of this forum. Before the idea of Lux Invicta even came remotely into place, it was just a stupid idea that @ Spooks and I were bouncing off each other. “What if we made our own forum?” “What would we even make it about?” “How would we even set this up?” and not gonna lie, it kinda seemed like a stretch, but haha… we ended up making it happen, didn’t we? Well, basically right after we realized that we wanted to actually bring this place to life, we immediately knew we wanted our friends to tag along, so we asked @ lexus and @ Mangoey to join as admins, and they ended up accepting the offer with a bit of convincing. Together the four of us would come up with the basics of this forum: a place of an escape from the real world into the internet life that we so love. We wanted highlight certain categories that we felt a lot of internet folks were also interested in: Gaming, Music, Anime/Mangas, and Writing! At this time, we didn’t know how well we could incorporate this into the forum, but it was getting somewhere. Then we had @ Vikki join our crew, and a little bit after that we finally ended our month-long debate on what to name the forum. This place was dubbed Lux Invicta which is Latin for “Invincible Light.” And, with a 5-member admin crew and a name, we decided to make the physical version of Lux Invicta which is the site that you are currently on! With the help of @ bulletproof (who became our first Graphics Member), and @ YuShuxin (who became our first tech member) the seven of us slowly put together this place bit by bit over the summer of 2020, and had this place officially showcased to the public on ***. Essentially, this place is meant to be an escape from life. You get to chill here, make yourself a home, and discuss (almost) any topic you want. We aren’t censoring or biased. We don’t want you to feel like you cannot speak your mind. Lux Invicta is meant to be full of freedoms and fun, and as your staff team, we will ensure that this will be held true.
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