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  1. woozi legs dp is iconic

  2. I'm happy to be here! This seems like a great forum! Yeah, they're so weird why are they so slimy even when fried
  3. ♥♥!

    1. daeunraine


      hi hi hi!!! <333

  4. hahaha it's all good!! Its nice to be here!
  5. ofc they're slimy and weird
  6. Eyyyyyy i joined like ages ago but never got around to posting. Hi. I'm Daeun or Olivia, and im 22. I like a lot of stuff xcept for spiders and mushrooms. ew. I like to sleep, and i also like to unintentionally ghost, so if i disappear for ages that's probably why. It's nice to meet you all! Also i have a hamster so stan her.

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