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  1. I know there's not many of us here yet but I'll start this thread anyway! How'd you find Lux Invicta? Through a friend? A link? I'm curious!
  2. Welcome, lovely! ♥ I'm happy to see you here! I agree with mushrooms. They nasty.
  3. POTOTOTRORORRORObkjdgnfkldsa ♥

  4. it has cat. cat gets approval. cat is best. 10/10
  5. ♥♥!

    1. daeunraine


      hi hi hi!!! <333

  6. Ghost


  7. the banana again why is it always the banana
  8. Hello darling! ♥ ♥ So happy to see you here!

  9. why are you still not following me hoe

    1. Vikki



    2. Ghost


      👀 wow finally

  10. Ghost


    hey fellow hoe how u doin
  11. our first regular user, look how cute it is

    Happy Dog GIF by JustViral

    1. Maruberry


      Thank you, thank you, I'm the most adorable!


    2. Ghost


      I cannot contain all the uwus

    3. Maruberry


      You growing my ego too much, I'll become all full of myself this way! 😊

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