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  1. Eyyyyyy i joined like ages ago but never got around to posting. Hi. I'm Daeun or Olivia, and im 22. I like a lot of stuff xcept for spiders and mushrooms. ew. I like to sleep, and i also like to unintentionally ghost, so if i disappear for ages that's probably why. It's nice to meet you all! Also i have a hamster so stan her.
  2. ofc they're slimy and weird
  3. I didn't know you hate mushrooms. Taste
  4. we're super dead, but it's good to have you!!
  5. My username is a play on jack in the box with cat. (originally popped up as a jester or clown) Nowadays it's a bunch of different critters. My two favourite things in the world. Cats and clowns! True story: My dream occupation is to become a child's birthday party clown. Hasn't happened yet because I haven't done the necessary things needed for it. Although I think personally. I would look amazing as a clown (beep beep) nose honk! Hobbies I enjoy: Digital media Anime Music Video Games (casually) Manga (used to) Also note: I was referred to here by the ever lovely @ Vikki thanks so much for inviting me! Glad to meet you all!
  6. hahaha it's all good!! Its nice to be here!
  7. This is a great looking site. Feel proud! I haven't felt such a cool layout for ages now, until this time today.
  8. I know there's not many of us here yet but I'll start this thread anyway! How'd you find Lux Invicta? Through a friend? A link? I'm curious!
  9. Welcome, lovely! ♥ I'm happy to see you here! I agree with mushrooms. They nasty.
  10. it has cat. cat gets approval. cat is best. 10/10
  11. 1 point


  12. that we're finally letting people join. I'm sweating. please love us.
  13. the banana again why is it always the banana
  14. To be very honest, I have written this “About Us” paragraph about 13 times now, but I sincerely hated the formal attitude that came off those attempts and I realized that I wanted to introduce this place more casually and without this overly professional attitude, so I’m going to write the exact origin story of this forum. Before the idea of Lux Invicta even came remotely into place, it was just a stupid idea that @ Spooks and I were bouncing off each other. “What if we made our own forum?” “What would we even make it about?” “How would we even set this up?” and not gonna lie, it kinda seemed like a stretch, but haha… we ended up making it happen, didn’t we? Well, basically right after we realized that we wanted to actually bring this place to life, we immediately knew we wanted our friends to tag along, so we asked @ lexus and @ Mangoey to join as admins, and they ended up accepting the offer with a bit of convincing. Together the four of us would come up with the basics of this forum: a place of an escape from the real world into the internet life that we so love. We wanted highlight certain categories that we felt a lot of internet folks were also interested in: Gaming, Music, Anime/Mangas, and Writing! At this time, we didn’t know how well we could incorporate this into the forum, but it was getting somewhere. Then we had @ Vikki join our crew, and a little bit after that we finally ended our month-long debate on what to name the forum. This place was dubbed Lux Invicta which is Latin for “Invincible Light.” And, with a 5-member admin crew and a name, we decided to make the physical version of Lux Invicta which is the site that you are currently on! With the help of @ bulletproof (who became our first Graphics Member), and @ YuShuxin (who became our first tech member) the seven of us slowly put together this place bit by bit over the summer of 2020, and had this place officially showcased to the public on ***. Essentially, this place is meant to be an escape from life. You get to chill here, make yourself a home, and discuss (almost) any topic you want. We aren’t censoring or biased. We don’t want you to feel like you cannot speak your mind. Lux Invicta is meant to be full of freedoms and fun, and as your staff team, we will ensure that this will be held true.
  15. User Interactions Remain civil with other users, both in public and dms. If you have problems with another user we recommend you put them on ignore to avoid unintentionally breaking this rule. If a user is harassing you in dms or on the public forum please report the user to the moderators. Keep others private information private. We take this very seriously. Never reveal more than you are comfortable revealing and remember the potential dangers of allowing your information out to others. If you are caught intentionally revealing others private information with malicious intent, you will be banned. Do not discriminate based on a users race, gender, sexuality, religion, ect. If you believe a staff member is treating you unfairly let an admin know rather than taking it up with the staff member. Harassment of staff members will not be tolerated. No bashing other user's work. Posting Guidelines Racism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination are not allowed. No bashing or shading artists or the work of other users. It is okay to have an opinion, but the opinion must be respectfully stated and may not be a personal attack. Mods reserve the right to decide whether a criticism goes too far. 18+ content must be properly labeled. Post in the correct sections; if you mistakenly post in the wrong section let a mod or admin know and they will help move it to the right section. Keep threads on topic. While it is okay to go a few posts as replies do not have extended conversations in threads that are not related to the topic. Serious topics must be discussed respectfully. This includes politics, society, mental health, ect. Posting spam or meaningless threads is not allowed and these threads will be deleted. Do not post duplicate threads. Threads that are duplicates will be either deleted or merged with the original. This applies primarily to threads within the same week. After a week has passed, the topic may be brought up again in a new thread. No links to illegal sites, pirated materials, ect. We do not endorse these products and any talk about cracked versions or how to get them will not be allowed. Post must be in English. It is okay to post a reply or two with one word in another language but all conversations must be in English. Threads must be your own content. Any posts that appear to be taken from another user or from an outside source that is not you will be deleted. Advertising is not allowed. The exception is if you are trying to advertise a blog or something of that type for writers. However, product advertisements will be deleted. Dp, sig, ect Guidelines For user customization and profile content the rules outlined above must be followed when applicable. Images can not have any sort of racist, sexist, ect undertones. 18+ content in dps, sigs, covers, ect are not allowed. Unlike thread content, these can not be censored for underage users; therefore they are not allowed at all. This applies to anything on your profile or user customization. No flashing dps and sigs. Account Rules Each user can have up to 2 accounts. We use IP tracking to confirm the existence of alternate accounts. In cases where 2 users share IPs and it becomes an issue, dm a moderator to explain the situation. Warning points will carry over from one account to the other. If one account is banned you are not allowed to use the other account. Doing so will get that account banned as well and extra time will be added to the original ban. Display names must be appropriate. Any inappropriate names will need to be changed either by the user in question or a moderator.
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