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Lux Invicta is currently in beta stage. Much of what you see may not be final. Many official threads may be incomplete/unfinished, please be patient as we continue to work on everything. Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! ×

Lux Invicta

  1. Rules and Announcements

    Our rules and announcements for Lux Invicta.

  2. Meet the Staff & Recruitment

    Come meet the staff here! Also, if you're ever interested in joining the staff team; you can look into it here as well.

  3. Ask the Staff

    If you have any sorts of questions, suggestions, and/or feedback please feel free to let us know here.

  4. Events

    Sometimes we plan some fun things. Come join the fun!

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  5. Awards

    So, you know those fun badges you can get? Here's where you can find out about them!


FIller 3


The always working hard staff team

Ghost Ghost Administrator
Vikki Vikki Administrator
Panda Panda Administrator
Mangoey Mangoey Administrator
lexus lexus Administrator
bulletproof bulletproof Graphics
YuShuxin YuShuxin Tech
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