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  1. Last week
  2. woozi legs dp is iconic

  3. I'm happy to be here! This seems like a great forum! Yeah, they're so weird why are they so slimy even when fried
  4. Earlier
  5. I know there's not many of us here yet but I'll start this thread anyway! How'd you find Lux Invicta? Through a friend? A link? I'm curious!
  6. Welcome, lovely! ♥ I'm happy to see you here! I agree with mushrooms. They nasty.
  7. POTOTOTRORORRORObkjdgnfkldsa ♥

  8. it has cat. cat gets approval. cat is best. 10/10
  9. ♥♥!

    1. daeunraine


      hi hi hi!!! <333

  10. hahaha it's all good!! Its nice to be here!
  11. we're super dead, but it's good to have you!!
  12. ofc they're slimy and weird
  13. I didn't know you hate mushrooms. Taste
  14. Eyyyyyy i joined like ages ago but never got around to posting. Hi. I'm Daeun or Olivia, and im 22. I like a lot of stuff xcept for spiders and mushrooms. ew. I like to sleep, and i also like to unintentionally ghost, so if i disappear for ages that's probably why. It's nice to meet you all! Also i have a hamster so stan her.
  15. @ lexus another Animal Crossing fan
  16. Yokai Watch Pokemon Snack World Animal Crossing Mario Kart 8 Splatoon 2
  17. This is a great looking site. Feel proud! I haven't felt such a cool layout for ages now, until this time today.
  18. My username is a play on jack in the box with cat. (originally popped up as a jester or clown) Nowadays it's a bunch of different critters. My two favourite things in the world. Cats and clowns! True story: My dream occupation is to become a child's birthday party clown. Hasn't happened yet because I haven't done the necessary things needed for it. Although I think personally. I would look amazing as a clown (beep beep) nose honk! Hobbies I enjoy: Digital media Anime Music Video Games (casually) Manga (used to) Also note: I was referred to here by the ever lovely @ Vikki thanks so much for inviting me! Glad to meet you all!
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